It is very rare that people plan a road trip for their birthday celebrations. But that's what exactly done by actor Chirag Patil. The Vazandar actor planned a road trip to North India for 15 days which covered Nainital, Udaipur, Jaipur, Jim Corbet National Park, Fatehpur and Agra.

Chirag traveled with his newly wed wife Sana and celebrated his birthday in a unique way on 9th March. Yesterday he returned back to Mumbai and uploaded the video about his trip. He said in the video that he had fun to travel for the last 14 days, liked visiting new cities and the roads are just awesome. He also said that he is proud of his vehicle Toyota Fortuner. He covered a distance of 3640 kms and the vehicle never gave any trouble or had a break down.

So all in all, this road trip was one of the memorable journeys of Chirag's life for sure.

Here is the Video

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