Rege fame Actor Aroh Welankar is ready to marry his best friend and love of his life Ankita Shingvi on Monday, 11th December. He had recently shot a pre-wedding photoshoot which he shared on his social media accounts.

Actor Ankush Chaudhari stars in and as Deva in this upcoming film Deva - Ek Atarangee. Ankush's look is the talk of the town ever since the film was announced. He sports a trimmed hair with hair lines cut on the left side, there is also a V cut on the back of the head. He wears colorful cloths and has a singatory celebration pose. got up-close with Deva to click his pose and hairstyle exclusive for our viewers.

Marathi Industry's comedy queen is actress Nirmitee Sawant. She had been active for many years in Marathi Entertainment industry and her Gangubai is the most favorite character for the viewers. Her son Abheney Saawaant followed her footsteps and became an actor himself. Abheney got engaged to his long time girlfriend in a ceremony attended by close family and friends on 28th October in Mumbai.

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