Kiran Nakti’s Directional Debut ‘Cinderella’ touches all the emotional cords in a simple but epic relationship between brother and sister. In a perfect civilized world, there lies the dark underbelly of poor, who struggle to earn their daily meal, such is the poverty.

These poor families live in shambles without education, home and respect. What happens when a young 6-7 year old girl, asks her elder brother for a doll worth thousands? What a brother will do to overcome such an adversity? Will the brother and sister will be able to fulfil their simplest of dreams?

Cinderella captures the best of the best lessons through a simple story telling. In the hardest of times the orphan kids choose right over wrong. In the poverty, they learn how to be happy and even make others around them happy.

Aaskya (Rupesh Bane) is 12-13 years old and Rani (Yashaswi Vengurlekar) is 6-7 year old, they become orphan, when their granny dies. Now the siblings have a tough task to pay rent for their hut, in the darkest of the underbelly, where all the poor and begger families live. They are forced out of their hut, live on roads. Rani means a world to Aaskya and he will do anything to fulfil her simple dream to buy a doll, Cinderella for her.

Their life becomes an oddly satisfying combination of fantasy and reality, happiness and struggle. Will Aaskya able to fulfil his sister’s fantasy? Will he choose the right path? In a ruthless dark world, will they be able to find good people to help them? Or will they help themselves?

The story is emotionally gripping and engaging, though there are moments when the story goes out of track to include the songs.

Acting of both the child actors Rupesh Bane and Yashaswi is amazing. They carry themselves in a tough poor kids role in such professionally that proves that they are trained actors under the guidance of ‘Abhinay Katta’. They are the ones who show varied emotions of sadness, happiness, helplessness, anxiety, anger and more importantly having hope.

Rest of the support cast of Mangesh Desai, Vineet Bhonde, Janardan Parab, Yakub Sayed does their best.

Director Kiran Nakti has treated the story like a pro. The locations chosen are fantastic as most of the shooting is outdoor. Cinematography is amazing showing the dark underbelly of poor as well as streets, lanes, pipe-lines, temples and creek at the backdrop of all scenes. Editing and background score are sharp.

Music by Kiran-Gaurav is average, though the song ‘Deva’ is fantastic. Special mention for the costume and make-up team as they do a fantastic job to showcase the poor kids and their supporting cast.

‘Cinderella’ is a story of courage and overcoming the hardship of being poor, but still dreaming of a better life and being happy all the time. Every parent should show this film to their kids and take some lessons out of it. Above all this is a story of fulfilling one’s dreams through all hardship, a real Cinderella moment.

Rating: 3 / 5

Cindrella First Look PosterMovie: Cinderella - The Fantasy of Life (2015)
Producor: Anjali Avinash Joshi
Director: Kiran Nakti
Studio: Krupasindhu Pictures
Cast: Rupesh Bane, Yashaswi Vengurlekar, Mangesh Desai, Vineet Bhonde, Janardan Parab, Yakub Sayed
Writer: Kiran Nakti, Aditya Halbe
Screenplay & Dialogue: Kiran Nakti
Music: Kiran-Gaurav
Lyrics: Muralidhar Gode, Omkar Mangesh Dutt, Niket Chaudhari
Background Music and Theme Song: Pankaj Padghan
Sound Design: Rohit Pradhan
DoP: Raaja Phadatare
Editor: Ashish Mhatre, Apurva Motiwale
Art Director: Keshav Thakur
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 4 December 2015
Duration : 1:59 Hrs

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