Ruturaj Dhalgade written and directed film Lost & Found deals with loneliness. Loneliness is becoming a major issue in the current generation all over world and there are many mental disorders associated with it if not dealt with it at the early stages. The film touches this very sensitive issue through its 4 central characters and majorly concentrates on the Manas – Naina love angle too.

It is very hard to portray such a universal and vast subject in 2 hours and a special mention goes to director Ruturaj Dhalgade and Producer Vinod Malgewar for attempting a film on this subject. The film concentrates on the early stages of loneliness (which might come through breakups, loss of life, loss of faith or health issues) and how this can be dealt with by speaking to the lonely person and spending time with him/her. The film revolves around its tagline “You Need Someone To Talk To”

Review by: Ajay Kulye


The story of Lost & Found happens in the town of Aurangabad. Manas (Siddharth Chandekar) has just broke up with his girlfriend, Mugdha (Gauri Konge) who leaves him for a better earning person. Manas runs a general store and is friends with Shrirang Kaka (Dr. Mohan Agashe) and Maruti (Mangesh Desai), who are all lonely. They feel relaxed when they meet and talk to each other. Out of their discussion a concept of Anti-Loneliness Program, ALP is born and soon Naina (Spruha Joshi), a school teacher, who also lives alone joins.

They decide to contact everyone in their area through direct contacts than using technology to reach to people. Soon they receive calls for help from people who feel lonely and start spending time with these people and make them aware about positive things and bringing positive changes. There moto is sharing is caring and by spending time and talking to these lonely people, they make sure they feel better. During this time Naina feels love for Manas, but does not dare to talk about it to Manas.

Shrirang Kaka tell Naina to open up about her feelings for Manas. Will Naina tell Manas about her Feelings? Does Manas also have feelings for Naina? Can they talk to each other and end their loneliness. Watch Lost & Found for all these answers.

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The biggest plus point of Lost & Found is its star cast. Dr. Mohan Agashe, Mangesh Desai, Spruha Joshi and Siddharth Chandekar have acting beautifully. Dr. Agashe portrays the elderly but wise Shrirang Kaka realistically, which provide much needed fun element too. Spruha and Siddharth portray their characters’ life confusions very well. Mangesh is flawless as Maruti and shine in the emotional scenes.

Ritika Shroti and Gauri Konge does their small parts very well. The 5 young boys-girl presence in ALP though is not been justified in the film.

Director Ruturaj Dhalgade has done a brave job to attempt such a complicated subject with ease. His attempt deserves a half-brownie star. The story telling is straight forward with only complications about love and its expressions. The script is simple and does not have too many twists just for the sake of thrills.

Music by Shubhankar is soothing and lyrics suits the mood of the scenes. Cinematography by Ramesh Bhosale is good. Editing and background score is as required.

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Sometimes love once found should never be lost. Lost & Found is the sincere attempt at highlighting the very serious social issue of loneliness and gives a hope for lonely people. The tone and treatment is mild in nature and that is what the director wanted to portray. Lost & Found is the one time watch and never should be missed.

Rating: 3/ 5

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Movie: Lost & Found | लाॅस्ट अॅन्ड फाउंड
Director: Ruturaj Dhalgade
Producer: Vinod Malgewar
Studio: Golden Gate Motion Pictures
Cast: Siddharth Chandekar, Spruha Joshi, Dr. Mohan Agashe, Mangesh Desai, Tejaswi Patil, Ritika Shrotri & Gauri Konge
Story, Screenplay: Ruturaj Dhalgade
Dialogues: Ruturaj Dhalgade
Music: Shubhankar
DoP: Ramesh Bhosale
Genre: Romantic Drama
Release Date: 29 July 2016
Duration: 114 Mins

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