There are some films for classes & film festivals and there are some for masses which thoroughly entertain you. Today's release Zindagi Virat falls into the latter category, which is a light-hearted comedy-emotional drama about father-son relationship, friendship and above all celebration of life. What works for Zindagi Virat is that it keeps you glued to the proceedings all the time and you become part of the movie. It is an entertainer for entire family.

The story of Zindagi Virat starts with death of Dattaba (Kishor Kadam) and his son Santosh (Om Bhutkar) making arrangements for his last rites. During the 13th day of mourning, a Pindadaan is performed, which requires a crow to touch the pind, which never happens and the village priest Joshibuva (Atul Parchure) suggests that it happened beacuse Databba died with some unfilled wishes and Santosh should find and fulfill that wish. The same night Santosh has visions about Dattaba telling him what was his last wish without which he can not leave him.

What is that wish? and what Santosh will do to fulfill that wish with the help of his friend Asif (Sumit Sanghmitra) and Gaurakka (Usha Naik) is the rest of the story. The journey of finding the truth is hard but can be achieved if you have the belief. The jorney itself is crafted in a light-hearted manner with each person meeting Santosh makes him aware about how his father loved him and he should have communicated more with him. He misses him so much that he starts seeing him everywhere, which is fun to watch.

Zindagi Virat Still Photo 05

The film never preaches but has a subtle message hidden deep inside its narratives and visuals. The film has rural backdrop and the languages used is a rural dialect. The screenplay is tight and within first 20 mins you know the motive of the film and Audience gets engaged to fulfill that wish with santya and Ashfya. Music by debutant Suraj-Dhiraj is very good and remind you of Ajay-Atul's music in 'Agabai Arrechya'. The romantic Song is good but seems unneccesary. The best song is the emotional number 'Daate Dhuke' sung by Javed Ali.

Om Bhutkar's Santya makes you connect with him instantly. This actor has a good sense of emotional performance. Sumit Sanghmitra gives life to the devil-may-care-attitude of Asif and he ensures that comedy scenes gets you enough laughter. Kishor Kadam in his usual strength shines in the supporting role. Bhau Kadam is there for 3-4 scenes and shines in the dance number 'Malhar Malhar'. Rest of the cast performs well as per their characters.

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First time writer and director Sumit Sanghmitra receives brownie points for keeping the story simple and the soul entact throughout. He has ensured that the plot is kept on track all the time. But the film is 10-15 mins too long. Producer Anjaneya Sathe has done fabulous job assembling the right mix of young and experienced talent, which makes this film worth a watch.

Final Verdict:
Zindagi Virat is a light-hearted comedy which gives a subtle message about father-son relationship. This one is for masses and should be enjoyed with family and friends.

Rating: 4 stars /5

Movie: Zindagi Virat | जिंदगी विराट
Director: Sumit Sanghamitra
Producers: Anjaneya Sathe
Studio: Anjaneya Sathe Entertainment
Kishor Kadam as Dattaba Aivale
Om Bhutkar as Santosh Aivale / Santya
Bhau Kadam as Anna (Sarpanch)
Sumit Sanghamitra as Asif Farookh Sheikh /Asafya
Usha Naik as Gaurakka
Atul Parchure as Joshibuva
Ninad Gore as Chikya
Tanvi Kulkarni as Sarika
Chandrakant Dhumal as Bapu nana
Pravin Dalimbkar as Sheliwala
Hrishikesh Shelar as Sandeep
Ravindra Khare as Khatik Haneef
Story: Sumit Sanghamitra
Screenplay & Dialogues: Sumit Sanghamitra
Music: Suraj-Dhiraj
Lyrics: Mandar Cholkar, Suraj-Dhiraj
Singers: Vishal Dadlani. Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal & Javed Ali
Genre: Comedy Drama
Release Date: 29th September 2017
Duration: 141 mins

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