Marketed as delight for music lovers, Chhand Priticha is good as a standalone music album. But when it comes to the story and screenplay, the film falls flat on its face. Based on the 3 main characters of Shahir Satyavan, Lavani dancer Chandra and Dholki player Rajaram, the film revolves too much around the Tamasha genre that it fails to weave the actual thread of interpersonal relationships between these characters. Director N. Relekar depend to heavily on the 70's melodrama which did not work for current generation viewers.

The story of the film starts unusally with a jail scene, where the jailer identifies a known person who has committed a crime. Then the story goes into flashback in the childhood of Satyavan and Chandra. Satyavan (Harsh Kulkarni) likes writting the Kavan (Tamasha lyrics) and Chandra (Suvarna Kale) is mad about dance. Both grew up together and fall in love, showing us the beautiful romantic song Aal Aabhal. Due to some unsual circumstances, they decide to start their own Tamasha troupe and the story introduces us with finest Lavani songs.

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They seek a new Dholki player and Satyavan lands up with Rajaram (Subodh Bhave), the blind dholki player. He is not accepted at first in the troupe by Chandra, but when he starts playing the Dholki, she falls for him. Chandra becomes madly in love with Rajaram that she forgets that she was romantically involved with Satyavan initially. This breaks Satyavan's heart and the troupe is divided. Will Satyavan's true love for Chandra will be known? will Chandra get Rajaram? to know answers to all these questions you must watch Chhand Priticha.

Chhand Priticha has many flaws. First, it is not set up in contemporary times and the era is also not particularly mentioned (seems 70's). The scenes are abrupt and the dialogues are stale. Director N. Relekar fails to justify why each and every characters behave in a particular way. for example why Chandra forgets Satyavan's love, with whom she dreams of marrying. Why Satyavan is not able to see Chandra's inclination towards Rajaram. The whole script is full of loopholes that the audience do not get engaged with the story.

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The only positive of Chhand Priticha is its music composed by Pravin Kunwar. Whenever the songs play, you keep feeling the nostalgia of the 70's Tamasha based films. But otherwise all technical departments are sub par. Even the supporting act of Subodh Bhave can not save this film from being a disaster.

Verdict: Though the music is good, Chhand Priticha fails at the scripting and characterization level. You won't regret missing this one.

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Movie: Chhand Priticha | छंद प्रितीचा
Director: N. Relekar
Producers: Chandrakant Jadhav
Studio: Premla Pictures

Subodh Bhave as Rajaram
Harsh Kulkarni as Satyavan
Suvarna Kale as Chandra
Sharad Ponkshe
Vikas Samudre
Suhasini Deshpande
Ganesh Yadav

Story & Screenplay: N. Relekar
Music: Pravin Kunwar
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 10th November 2017
Duration: 135 mins

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