‘Khwada’ is in real sense is the life portrayal of a community through the eyes of a single shepherd family. The film has black humour all through its narration. The pace of the overall story is slow, but that is how the real life is. The life struggle, living on the road, problems without solutions and constant hatred faced by Dhangar’s seems realistic.

Through its protagonist, the film talks about the entire shepherd community and how their lives are unstable, full of challenges and how at times, they have to pay a heavy price for survival with dignity. Khwada depicts all these obstacles through very innovative day-to-day life of shepherds.

Fighting a legal battle for over 10 years in the hope of getting back his land from the forest department, the film narrates the story of Raghu Karhe (Shashank Shende) who along with his wife and two sons - Panda and Balu, his daughter-in-law and grandchilren, all of whom wander, shepherding sheep from one village to another.

Balu (Bhausaheb Shinde), a budding wrestler and a daydreamer, foreseeing prosperity and good future in agriculture hopes to find his family a permanent settlement instead of day-to-day wandering. Through distant relatives, Raghu try to find a suitable bride for Balu.

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Fate brings them to a village headed by the rowdy, Ashokrao (Anil Nagarkar), who along with his fellow wrestlers terrorizes all the adjoining villages and very often creates trouble by picking up the sheep of poor shepherds. Balu and his family bear everything silently.

In one of the wrestling competitions, Balu defeats Ashokrao's academy wrestler, which leads to animosity between him and Balu. Ashokrao compels Balu to a wrestle with his ace wrestler. Feeling the pain of Ashokrao's separatist remarks, Balu applies his full strength and breaks the wrestler's spine and runs away. This further hurts Ashokrao's ego who vows to finish him. Balu's angst for finding resolution culminates in a heart-wrenching climax of the film.

Khwada Poster4Acting:
Barring Shashank Stende, all are first time actors. That works for the film, as every actor gives his/her best and the movie looks realistic. Shashank Shende excels a senior most actor, in the young team. Bhau Shinde’s portrayal of a daydreamer and wrestler is worth every penny. Anil Nagarkar’s antagonist is fantastic and we love him to hate. Female cast members also shine in their respective roles. Bhaurao Karhade does a cameo.

Bhaurao Karhade’s writing and direction is clutter-free and upto the point. He does seem as a seasoned film-maker when it comes to gripping the audiences with the slow-paced story. Dialogues are the soul of this movie, which are mostly in the rural dialect.

Veerdhaval Patil’s Cinematogrpahy is excellent, especially showing the herds of sheep and plains of pathar. Most of the time there are long still shots. Rohan Patil does fantastic job with editing, especially the climax scene, where much of the action happens. The only song ‘Gaan Vaju Dya’ is catchy and changes the mood of the film.

Khwada takes you close to realism about the rural life of shepherd community which struggles for its existence in the face of other powerful communities and government. Bhaurao Karhade is written all over this masterpiece. Though this is a festival-audience movie, I strongly recommend all the youngsters to watch this movie, to understand the real life problems still existing in our society. We are also eagerly awaiting the sequel in 2017.

Rating: 4 / 5

Khwada MarathiMovie: Khwada
Producer: Vitthal Karhade
Director: Bhaurao Karhade
Studio: Chitraksha Films
Cast: Shashank Shende, Anil Nagarkar, Bhau Shinde, Surekha,Yogesh Dimbale, Rasika Chavhan, Vaishnavi Dhore, Chandrakant Dhumal. Prashant Ingale, Vaishali Kendale, Amol Thorat, Hemat Kadam
Story, Screenplay: Bhaurao Karhade
Music Director: Rohit Nagbhide
Lyricist: Mandar Cholkar, Francis, Deepak Angevar
Art Ditector: Sandeep Inamake
Editor: Rohan Patil.
Cinematographer: Veerdhaval Patil
Co-Producer: Chandrakant Raut
Executive Producer: Mangesh Jondhale
Release Date: 22nd Oct 2015
Duration: 2 Hrs

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