Mumbai Pune Mumbai released in 2010 was successful because of a different angle shown for the same old story ‘boy meets girl and they fall in love’. The storyline looked mature because there it was, “a girl meets a boy, they like each other and then they fall in love”. ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2’ takes that story forward as love has to culminate in marriage for a bond of life.

‘Khwada’ is in real sense is the life portrayal of a community through the eyes of a single shepherd family. The film has black humour all through its narration. The pace of the overall story is slow, but that is how the real life is. The life struggle, living on the road, problems without solutions and constant hatred faced by Dhangar’s seems realistic.

Biker’s Adda’ is a movie trying to make something out of the passion of biking and biking stunts. The story of a Biker’s Adda is good, but director Rajesh Latkar fails to conceptualize the script and screenplay which can keep you engaged.

‘Vakratunda Mahakaaya’ is a genuine attempt made by the director Punarvasu Naik and the producers (one of them Anurag Kashyap) to depict the current scenario all around the world surrounding religion, gods, terrorism and most of all humanity.