A theatre stalwart (Natsamrat – King of the stage) entangled in the shackles of his characters battles personal problems after retiring from acting. 'Natsamrat' as a work of art has a legacy of great names associated with it. Starting with V. V. Shirwadkar who penned the words, the play version had legends like Dr. Shriram Lagoo, Datta Bhat and Satish Dubhashi enacting the part. With the screen version, Nana Patekar has set a new benchmark for himself as well as others in terms of acting.

Kiran Nakti’s Directional Debut ‘Cinderella’ touches all the emotional cords in a simple but epic relationship between brother and sister. In a perfect civilized world, there lies the dark underbelly of poor, who struggle to earn their daily meal, such is the poverty.

Subodh Bhave arrives with his directional debut with a bang. Adapted from Purshottam Darvhekar's play by the same name, ‘Katyar Kaljat Ghusali’ is a rich treasure of music and a seamlessly woven story of generosity, deceit and realisation. As a play ‘Katyar…’ won many a hearts and as a film it’s going to create records for sure as well as bring back the many Musical drama to the screens.

Mumbai Pune Mumbai released in 2010 was successful because of a different angle shown for the same old story ‘boy meets girl and they fall in love’. The storyline looked mature because there it was, “a girl meets a boy, they like each other and then they fall in love”. ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2’ takes that story forward as love has to culminate in marriage for a bond of life.

‘Khwada’ is in real sense is the life portrayal of a community through the eyes of a single shepherd family. The film has black humour all through its narration. The pace of the overall story is slow, but that is how the real life is. The life struggle, living on the road, problems without solutions and constant hatred faced by Dhangar’s seems realistic.