"ज्या बारीक नसतात त्या जाडच असतात". A stereotype statement created to attract attention (media gimmick). Director Sachin Kundalkar must has thought about himself only while making this film, since he has forgotten to mention any other sizes between Thin and Fat. Even he forgot to show how to lose weight in a right way. You cannot be philosophical without giving the working solution for the problem.

Chandrakant Kulkarni’s film adaptation of a play is a successful one. The jump from theatre to film is smooth. The film doesn’t come across as theatrical. The fine performances by the whole cast is what keeps you engaged as the screenplay becomes a bit susceptible in the second half.

If you want to watch a youth romance movie with outstanding performances then go and watch Photocopy. The movie depicts the college life, friendship, Sibling rivalry (in this case twin sisters) and youth romance and off course it is being made lively by the performances of young cast members. But do not expect much from the screenplay, better to watch this with logic in your pocket.

Ruturaj Dhalgade written and directed film Lost & Found deals with loneliness. Loneliness is becoming a major issue in the current generation all over world and there are many mental disorders associated with it if not dealt with it at the early stages. The film touches this very sensitive issue through its 4 central characters and majorly concentrates on the Manas – Naina love angle too.

Review by: Ajay Kulye

Half Ticket is one gem of a film. The film is a remake of 2015 Tamil film Kaaka Muttai (means Crow’s Egg). Half Ticket borrows the same plot from the Tamil film, but the treatment given by director Samit Kakkad is special. Here director uses his experiences about Mumbai city & it’s people’s mentality and portrays the city as a character. Camerawork of Sanjay Memane is top class and should get appreciated with awards.

Review by: Ajay Kulye

Cinematographer turned director Atul Jagdale hits a Six with his first attempt at direction with Ganvesh. This film will reiterate the belief that in Marathi films ‘Content is the King’. Ganvesh is a simple story of a boy and his family’s struggle to get him a new uniform for the Independence Day speech, touches all the emotional chords. In this struggle to get School Uniform, the story also touches 2 important uniforms in our country, The Police Uniform and The Politician’s Uniform.