Gajendra Ahire has always given us meaningful cinema. With The Silence he touches the subject of crimes and abuse against women. The film has dark shades throughout the narratives and has gripping storytelling which moves back and forth in time. Primarily it is from the point of view of 3 characters, Chini, her sister Manda and their Aunt (Mami). ‘The Silence’ is an attempt to begin a conversation on the sexual abuse of women and children. It's a social theme based movie specifically addressing sexual assault of a minor by a close relative.

After watching Kaasav, you will get an idea why this film has won the Golden Lotus Best Film at 64th National Awards. The film has integrated many facets of life through animals (here the turtle), nature and human beings all from the point of view of self protection. Kaasav is the simplistic story told through cinematic excellence, through each and every frame of brilliance. The film has many hidden meanings, which will need many viewings. The director duo of Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar has thrown light on the main topic of depression as mental disorder from many perspectives and given many solutions, accept whichever suits you.

It is hard to believe that Baapjanma is the first film of Nipun Dharmadhikari. He is the veteran on Marathi Theatre scene, but he had waited too long to enter the films and feel that he should make films regularly. Written and directed by Nipun, Baapjanma is his film. A simple story of a father-children conflict has be woven in beautiful manner taking all the liberties of cinematic presentations. More such out of the box Marathi films are needed from independent producers.

There are some films for classes & film festivals and there are some for masses which thoroughly entertain you. Today's release Zindagi Virat falls into the latter category, which is a light-hearted comedy-emotional drama about father-son relationship, friendship and above all celebration of life. What works for Zindagi Virat is that it keeps you glued to the proceedings all the time and you become part of the movie. It is an entertainer for entire family.

Marathi films are trying out of the box subjects for quite some time now and Anaan takes that uniqueness to the next level. The film Anaan, directed by Rajesh Kushte and produced by Raunaq Bhatia & Hemant Bhatia, takes the path very few film-makers have travelled before. There are many mysteries and mystical things hidden within the physical and mental form of a human being, which the film explores. The central character, Neel's dilemma about her uniqueness and her ultimate revelation & acceptance is the crux of the film. . Anaan explores this mystery of the unimaginable, unbelievable and unthinkable life which is mystifying, rare and could be shocking.

There are hundreds of films about husband and wife's relationship, fights and their reconciliations. Though the concept is very thin, its the plotline and script that makes it interesting. In last few months we have already witnessed the similar concept films in Marathi, 'Hrudayantar' and 'Mala Kahich Problem Nahi'. Tula Kalnnaar Nahi is the least entertaining of the lot.