Colors Marathi’s serial ‘Chahool’ has already garnered lots of love & appreciation from the audience due to the suspense. Russian actress Leezan playing the character of ‘Jenny’ has already become audience’s favorite character. Moreover the use of different camera techniques in this serial has impressed the viewers of all kind. Currently ‘Sarjerao’ is confused about the whereabouts of Nirmala, his childhood friend and Babnya knows the secret regarding this. All these mysteries have kept the viewers excited & interested in Chahool.

But soon Nirmala is returning to Bhavanipur. We mean her spirit is returning, which also means that soon the mystery behind her death will unfold. But since her spirit has unfinished business, will her spirit harm anyone in the mansion? What next obstacle is lined up in Jenny’s path? Who else will come in way of Nirmala’s revenge? Many such questions will soon be answered. Moreover the audience can also enjoy a one on one battle between Arundhati & Nirmala.

Many horrific & paranormal incidents have occurred in this mansion & no one could figure out the reasons behind them. But now secrets will slowly unfold as Nirmala’s spirit is coming to the mansion. So don’t forget to meet Nirmala’s spirit.

Watch 'Chahool' on 30th Jan at 10.30 pm only on Colors Marathi.

Chahool Colors Marathi Serial 02

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