Zee Yuva is starting a new serial Prem He with stories of love featuring the Top Marathi Celebrities. They uploaded the Title Song of Prem He on social media and it has gone viral. The video has garnered more than 10 lakh views (by 13th Feb) in few days. The Song gives a new dimension in the month of love February.

‘Prem He’ sung by the melodious voices of Maharashtra Hrishikesh Ranade & Ketaki Mategaonkar, written by Mandar Cholkar & composed by the exceptionally talented Nilesh Mohrir. All these people associated with the song are genuine romance experts, especially Nilesh who has developed a fan following over the years composing one masterpiece after another.

Watch the Title Song Here

We are introduced to the five couples at the beginning of the song. Couples that belong to all age groups from the teenagers Prathamesh Parab & Ayli Ghiya to senior citizens Vandana Gupte & Satish Pulekar. Then we also have Spruha Joshi–Siddharth Chandekar, Vaibhav Tatwawadi – Tejashree Pradhan & Sunil Barve - Veena Jamkar representing different stages of romance. What this implies is that ‘Prem He’ will appeal to audiences of all ages. It shows that love is universal and for all ages.

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