Colors Marathi's Chahool is getting darker and darker day by day. The whole Bhosalewada was in the happy mood due to Sarjerao and Jenni's marraige, but the scene soon turned out to be a nightmare. Jenni experienced very bad paranormal things and she died instantly. Who's behind her death and who is doing all this and why?

Everyone in the Bhosalewada is now in deep shock. A new character of Shambhavi is introduced in the serial, which will reveal many secrets regarding Nirmala, the fearful past of the Bhosalewada. Shambhavi is played by Actress Reshma Shinde.

Shambhavi is a very polite and cultured girl, who has some godly powers. She will be using these powers to unearth the secrets of the strange happenings in the serial. The upcoming episodes of the serial are going to be very intresting. Will Shambhavi and Sarjerao become friends? will she be able to find the truth behind Nirmala and Jenni's deaths?

Do watch Chahool every Monday to Saturday at 10:30 pm on Colors Marathi.

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