Zee Yuva’s serial ‘Prem He’ is based on the simple love stories. The 2nd love story which is going to be happen between Shree (Siddharth Chandekar) and Shweta (Spruha Joshi) on their Mumbai to Goa journey. Shree and Shweta both are different kind of people; they are totally opposite.

Siddharth Chandekar is playing a role of Shree who is an engineering student. He is happy go lucky person. He is a dreamer and he loves to enjoy his life to the fullest. Exactly the opposite character is Shweta, played by Spruha Joshi. Shweta is studious. An office presentation, Gadgets, Electronic goods, laptop and Mobile these all kind of stuff defines Shweta’s life. She can’t even imagine her life without all these stuffs.

So it will be great to see their uncommon journey of love on 6th and 7th March 2017 at 9 pm only on Zee Yuva.

Here is the Video Promo of Mumbai to Goa

Here is the Interesting Stills Video

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