Prem He is a serial on Zee Yuva which showcases love stories in 2 Episodes of 1 hour each. These short love stories are receiving lots of attention and appreciation from viewers. Love is universal and by keeping it short and sweet, Zee Yuva is reaching more and more viewers. The 3rd Love Story in the series will feature Prathamesh Parab and Krutika Deo.

Prathamesh came to limelight with his superhit films Balak Palak, Timepass, Timepass 2 and Urfi. Kutika Deo started with films Prime Time and Rajwade and Sons. Both are currently active in theatre plays.

Both Prathamesh and Krutika will be seen for the first time in a television serial, so that makes the viewers excited for the 3rd love story of Prem He for sure. will keep you posted on the latest news and updates of serial Prem He.

Watch the Promo of 3rd Love Story of Prem He featuring Prathamesh Parab and Krutika Deo.

Watch Prem He Every Monday and Tuesday at 9 pm on Zee Yuva.

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