Love is love; love doesn’t see looks, color, society it happens automatically. Zee Yuva’s ‘Prem He’s third love story is about a boy named Dambrya who has a darker skin tone as compared to his love Monika, who is fair, talented and beautiful. Both are in love with each other, but when the decisive moment to express love comes, both face some unexpected dilema.

‘Prem He’s ‘Dambrya’ story features Prathamesh Parab and Krutika Deo; their love story will be telecast on Monday, 13th March and Tuesday, 14th March at 9 pm only on Zee Yuva.

‘Color Gaya To Paisa Wapis Ghya’ this is the attitude of Dambrya. He don’t even know what exactly love is. He believes that girls don’t fall in love with skin tone. He is happy-go-lucky poor boy, who lives in slums. He is very talkative my nature.

His lady love ‘Monika’ is exact opposite of Dambrya. She is fair, rich, beautiful and talented girl. She has different concepts of love. Today’s generation didn’t believe in typical love, they are career oriented and prefers to maintain some distance. In college life many youngsters fall in love, they make promises of living forever with each other. But Monika and Dambrya are two different personalities. They have their own different values. It will be interesting to see their story in Prem He's Dambrya.

Prathamesh Parab and Krutika Deo features in ‘Dambrya’, whose story is written by Ganesh Pandit and is directed by Pravin Parab. Don’t forget to watch ‘Prem He’ every Monday & Tuesday at 9 pm on Zee Yuva.

Watch the Promo of 3rd Love Story of Prem He featuring Prathamesh Parab and Krutika Deo.

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