Photography is an art to get perfect photos. It is what you need in the photo frame, so you can try any tricks out of that frame. Recently the same trick was used for Zee Yuva's upcoming love story Dambrya Photoshoot. The lead actors Prathamesh Parab and Krutika Deo are of same height and the photographer wanted Krutika's head on Prathamesh's shoulder for the perfect photo. So they used the concrete blocks under Prathamesh's feet. The results were perfect shots (as can be seen in the photos below).

Hats off to the photographer and the actors. Full Respect.

Prathamesh Parab and Krutika Deo Dambrya Prem He Serial 11

‘Prem He’s ‘Dambrya’ story features Prathamesh Parab and Krutika Deo; their love story will be telecast on Monday, 13th March and Tuesday, 14th March at 9 pm only on Zee Yuva.

Watch all the photos from the Photoshoot in this video.

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