Love can be expressed without saying a single word. Love can be seen in one other's eyes. Zee Yuva serial Prem He's next love story is based on this concept. Isha and Prasad are connected by the common thread of his daycare centre and her son Advait. Love can happen anytime, with anyone, without letting you know.

The 4th Love story of Prem He is titled 'Bandh Reshmache'. Isha is a advertising professional and an independent woman. After her divorce, she comes to a new city with her son. Since Advait is still a child, she keeps him in daycare centre while she goes to office.

The Daycare Center is run by Prasad Randive, an unmarried man in his early 40s. Initially Isha does not like Prasad's childish behavior, but slowly she gets used to it. Will the affection turn into love?

'Banch Reshmache' is a concept by Zee Yuva, written by Ganesh Pandit. It is directed by Pravin Parab features talented actors Veena Jamkar and Sunil Barve. The story will be telecast on 20th and 21st March 2017 at 9 pm.

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