The journey of Kahe Diya Pardes started exactly a year ago on 28th March 2016. The serial with the love story of a Marathi Mulagi, Gauri and a North Indian boy, Shiv struck chords with audience soon. The Zee Marathi serial had already completed 300 episodes and also won the Best serial award with many other awards at 2016's Zee Marathi Awards.

The team of the serial celebrated the success of 1 year completion with a success party yesterday. Kahe Diya Pardes's star cast Sayali Sanjeev, Rishi Saxena, Shubhangi Gokhale, Nikhil Raut, Sameer Khandekar, Nilam Sawant, Sachin Deshpande were present at the party. Also present were the writer Jitendra Gupta and Director Ajay Mayekar. Congratulate Kahe Diya Pardes team and wish them success for the future episodes.

Photos of the Success Party Coming Soon

In the below photo, identify the family of Shiv :-)

Kahe Diya Pardes 1 Year Success Party 02

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