Love is unpredictable and you have to go with the flow in love without thinking too much about what will happen next. Zee Yuva serial Prem He’s 5th story Gudi Premachi is about two paying guests (PGs) Amruta and Swapnil who are staying in same flat. Though they don't want to stay together, circumstances force them to live together. ‘Gudi Premachi’ love story features Lalit Prabhakar and Bhagyashree Mote.

Swapnil belongs to a rich family and his father is a businessman. Due to his father’s busy schedule, they don't spend much time together. Due to this reason, Swapnil has moved to Mumbai and has started working in a company as salesman. But his dream is to become a businessman.

Amruta moved to Mumbai to open her own dance academy. Property Agent offers one room to Amruta and Swapnil and they have to share this one room. It will be fun to watch their ‘Tu Tu Mein Mein’ and how their love starts to blossom through these fights.

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‘Gudi Premachi’s story is written by Tushar Gunjal and directed by Pravin Parab.

Watch Amruta & Swapnil’s love story 'Gudi Premachi' on the occasion on Gudi Padwa on 27th & 28th March at 9 pm on Zee Yuva.

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