Maharashtra's Kuldaivat God Khandoba reached Maharashtra's household with the TV serial 'Jai Malhar'. The serial started on 18th May 2014 on Zee Marathi recently completed 900 episodes. It reached all the highs of TRP during its run. But as all good things has to end, the serial too has to wrap up by April month end.

Every day at 7 pm you could hear the sound of 'Yelkot Yelkot Jai Malhar' from almost every household. The serial produced and directed Mahesh Kothare will always be remembered even after it goes off air at the end of April.

Actor Devdatta Nage as God Khandoba become popular, so also actresses Surabhi Hande as Mhalasa and Isha Kaskar as Banu. The last day of shooting is 15th April, where Khandoba, Mhalasa and Banu will return to Kailash.

Till then do watch and enjoy the serial Jai Malhar on Mon-Sat at 7 pm on Zee Marathi.

Jai Malhar Zee Marathi Tv Serial 02

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