Zee Yuva's serial Prem He is providing a whole new angle to friednship, love and romance. Its latest story is also based on the dilemma between friendship and true love. The story titled 'Man He Baware' will feature Pallavi Patil and Siddharth Menon. Watch Man He Baware on 10th and 11th April 2017 at 9 pm on Zee Yuva.

The story is about the middle class friends living in a chawl, Gargi and Aditya. Gargi is beautiful, active and participates in all the programs organized in the chawl. Whereas Aditya is simple and quite boy. He liked Gargi since childhood, but could not express his love to her.

Aditya leaves Mumbai for higher education, but when he returns everything seems changed. Gargi is taunted as a bad girl by all the people living in the chawl. What has gone wrong? will Aditya be able to understand Gargi and will Gargi understand his love for her?

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Man He Baware is conceptualized by Zee Yuva and written by Ganesh Pandit. Film Bho Bho fame director Bharat Gaikwad has directed the episodes. Pallavi Patil and Siddharth Menon play the role of Gargi and Aditya respectively.

Watch Prem He for the weekly dose of Romantic Love Stories every Monday and Tuesday at 9 pm only on Zee Yuva.

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