Dholkichya Talavar is the popular Lavani dance show on Marathi TV Channel Colors Marathi. The show had been popular for its first 2 seasons, 1st Season with Marathi Actresses and 2nd Season with upcoming Lavani Dancers. Since May and June will have school holidays, the show is coming up with its 3rd season featuring the young girls titled Dolkichya Talavar - Chhotyanchi Adakari.. Lai Bhari. The Dance show will start from 1st May on every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm.

This is the 3rd season of Dholkichya Talavar and their will be new judges except Shakuntalabai Nagarkar, who was part of 2nd season. She will be joined by famous and versatile actor Jitendra Joshi and popular choreographer Phulawa Khamkar. Writer-Actor-Director Hemant Dhome will be hosting and anchoring the show.

12 very young girls from Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur and Aurangabad are selected after the stringent auditions all over Maharashtra. Prachiti Kulkarni, Anushka Deshpande, Samruddhi Shedge will showcase their dance talent in this season. All the young girls will dance with their lady partner in pair. This season will be unique with Lavani's mix of tradition and experiments.

Dholkichya Taalavar Chhotyanchi Adakari Lai Bhari Colors Marathi 04 Judge Jitendra Joshi

Judge Jitendra Joshi said, "Lavani will be presented by young girls this time and the experience is going to be awesome to watch them. I am damn excited and I am sure that the viewers to will like it."

Dholkichya Taalavar Chhotyanchi Adakari Lai Bhari Colors Marathi 02 Judge Phulawa Khamkar

Judge Phulawa Khamkar said, "I have a hugh responsibility to judge the young kids perfrom on Lavani. I have seen in past that young girls involve lots of inappropriate gestures in the their dance performance and It is not at all required. I will want them to perform pure form of Lavani with little bit of experimentation."

Dholkichya Taalavar Chhotyanchi Adakari Lai Bhari Colors Marathi 03 Judge Shakuntalabai Nagarkar

Senior Lavani Samradnyee Shakutai Said, "I am happy that young girls are interested in the folk form of Maharashtra and are eager to learn Lavani rather than accept any other modern dance forms. These girls surely will take the traditions of Lavani forward."

So do watch the juniors perform Lavani with their cute expressions and dance in Dholkichya Talavar - Chhotyanchi Adakari...Lai Bhari' from 1st May, every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm on Colors Marathi.

Watch the Teaser Here

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