Horror stories are popular in urban as well as rural audiences. Recently many horror serials got popular including Zee Marathi's Ratris Khel Chale and Colors Marathi's Chahool. Now Zee Yuva is coming up with a new horror serial Girls Hostel from today, 10th of July.

‘Girls Hostel’ is a story of 9 girls who have moved in Mumbai from Pune, Nashik, Pandharpur, Marathwada and different cities from Maharashtra. Sara, Priyanka, Tanvi, Malati, Vallari, Dhyanlaxmi, Sagarika, Neha and Vanita have come to prove themselves in Mumbai, though the city is still not safe for single girls. These girls are staying in Savitri Girls Hostel as roommates. They feel safe inside the hostel and live together amist fun, masti and small quarrels. Soon Terrible things start happening in Savitri Girls Hostel and they start fearing for their lives in the hostel. They start feeling "Kunitari Ahe Tithe" (Someone is there)

Story of this serial is written by Shekhar Dhavalikar, Screenplay is by Chinmay Mandlekar and dialogues are written by Kumud Itaraj. Somil Creations produced ‘Girls Hostel’ is directed by Amol Bidkar.

So Do Watch ‘Girls Hostel’ starting from today, 10th July 2017 every Monday to Friday at 10 pm On Zee Yuva.

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