Star Pravah's Popular serial Kulaswamini had always shown problems in the lives of Aarohi and Rajas. Now again arrises one more possibility to separate them through the Entry of Abhay's girlfriend Pavani. Actress Meera Joshi will be making an entry as Pavani in Kulaswamini and will give an intersting twist to the story.

How Aarohi will be able to face these challenges? How Renuka Devi will help Aarohi? Will there be any problems due to Pavani in the loves of Aarohi and Rajas? Do watch Kulaswamini every Monday to Saturday at 8 pm on Start Pravah.

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Kulaswamini Meera Joshi Entry News

Kulaswamini Meera Joshi Entry 02

Kulaswamini Meera Joshi Entry 03

Kulaswamini Meera Joshi Entry 04

Kulaswamini Meera Joshi Entry 05

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