Star Pravah's latest mythological serial 'Vithu Mauli' is garnering accolates for the look, high production values and overall presentation of the serial. Also it is getting liked all over Maharashtra due to the lead actor's performance as Vithu Mauli. It is learnt that the lead actor's selection was a tough task.

Actor Ajinkya Raut was selected after thoroughly auditioning 550 artists for the role of Vithu Mauli. For Ajinkya, it is a golden opportunity to portray Vithu Mauli as this is the biggest role of his short acting career.

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Producer Mahesh Kothare talks about the selction of Ajinkya, "For the role of Vithu Mauli we needed a fresh face, as we knew that the existing actors might not be accepted as Vithu Mauli. So we started our hunt for the new & fresh actor. We conducted almost 550 auditions and we could not come close enough to finalize the actor. Then our team went to Pandharpur and requested almighty Vithu Mauli himself to provide success to our efforts. Our team came back in Mumbai and the next day we found our Vithu Mauli in the form of actor Ajinkya Raut. He is a good actor as well as his eys are very expressive. His looks perfectly suits the godly character of Vithu Mauli."

Watch the spectacular story of "Vithu Mauli" every Monday to Saturday at 7 pm on Star Pravah.

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