Colors Marathi's serial Tu Majha Sangati portrays Sant Tukaram's devotion to lord Vitthala. In last season, the serial showcased the life of Vithhal and Rakhumai. Viewers even liked actor Bharat Jadhav as lord Vitthala and actress Smita Shewale as Rakhumai. Now the serial will start a new season with Tukaram telling the life-story of Sant Namdeo with Sant Dnyaneshwar.

Audience liked actor Saurabh Gokhale as Sant Dnyaneshwar in the serial Awaaz and he will be back to portray Sant Dnyaneshwar in Tu Majha Sangati. His siblings Nivrutti, Sopan and Muktabai too will be shown in upcoming episodes of Tu Majha Sangati. Vikram Gaikwad will portray Sant Namdeo, whereas Actress Pari Telang will portray his wife Rajai.

Watch the New season of 'Tu Majha Sangati - Tukaramanchya Mukhi Sant Namdeoanche JeevanParv', every Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm only on Color Marathi.

Sant Namdeo JeevanParv Tu Majha Sangati News

Saurabh Gokhale as Sant Dnyaneshwar 02

Pari Telang as Rajai 01

Pari Telang as Rajai 02

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