A woman, plays various roles in her day to day life and spreads joy and happiness within the family and wherever she goes. We can’t thank her enough for all the efforts that she puts into running the household and keeping everyone happy. Being a pioneer amongst Marathi General Entertainment channels, Zee Marathi has become a family member of Maharashtrian households across the globe. Championing the most vital member of the family, Zee Marathi encourages women to be themselves, express themselves, trust themselves and empower themselves through the inspirational leading ladies on the channel. Taking this spirit of empowerment to the people in their cities, Zee Marathi brings to its viewers, an intra-city event to select ‘Zee Marathi’s Sankrant Queen 2018’.

Zee Marathi to celebrate the spirit & power of womanhood through a fun-filled event

Zee Marathi urges all the married women from Mumbai to join the auditions for ‘Zee Marathi Sankrant Queen’ on 19th January 2018 at Sarvesh Hall, Tilak Nagar, Dombivali East from 11 am onwards. The filnals for Mumbai Region will be held on Sunday, 21st January at 6 pm at Phadke Road, Appa Datar Chowk, Near Ganesh Temple, Dombivali -East. Zee Marathi Sankrant Queen 2018 will be a fun-filled event to take place across different cities of Maharashtra. Along with Mumbai, Zee Marathi executed the events in Guhagar, Aurangabad, Amravati & Solapur; after Dombivali, the last city would be Gadhinglaj.

Participants who will get through the auditions will be undergoing a workshop which will help the women to further enhance their personality & groom them. In the main event, one out of the shortlisted women will be crowned as Zee Marathi Sankrant Queen 2018.

So, ladies what are you waiting for? Put your best foot forward to become Zee Marathi Sankrant Queen 2018.

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