Actress Pallavi Joshi chooses her roles on television very wisely. Recently she was seen in a Hindi serial Peshwa Bajirao. Pallavi returns on Marathi television after a long time with Zee Marathi's brand new horror serial Grahan.

The promos of the serial Grahan looks spooky with Pallavi Joshi serious acting and dialogues "Grahan Pahu Naye Asa Mhantat" ग्रहण पाहू नये असं म्हणतात. In Promos the spooky elements are used very well like the shadow, the mirror and Pallavi walking upside down in a house.

The serial Grahan will start from 19th March 2018 every Monday to Saturday at 10:30 pm. The serial Jago Mohan Pyare will move from that slot to 9:30 pm slot and Gav Gata Gajhali will bid bye to the audience.

Watch Promo

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