Dance Maharashtra Dance is one home grown concept that has been entertaining viewers and topping the TRP charts. Every week, the show has a bunch of surprises to break on the monotony and add the intrigue factor for its viewers. Last week Dance Maharashtra Dance witnessed the entry of wild card contestants and this week we have special guests who will be joining the contestants to celebrate the magic of their movie release all over again. The upcoming episode will have the star-cast and director of the biggest hit of Marathi Cinema 'Sairat' grace the stage.

Sairat was the first ever film to enter the 100cr club in Marathi cinema and the success of the film ihas left the entire team elated and humbled. This is the first time ever that the team of Sairat- Nagraj Manjule, Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar will be visiting the sets of a reality show.

This week's theme was based on 'Relations'. The contestants have always delivered their level best but this time a few performances turned out to be extra ordinary and extremely exceptional. The one-man army, Chetan performed on a farmer's sucide act depicting their struggles which gained the maximum compliments from the judges. Nagraj also stepped forward to recite a poem on the same. The toughest competition to the other contestants, Om group performed on a real-life story of a girl from their own group named Samiksha, the act depicted her father's love for her for which he worked extra to fulfill her dreams. Her father being a rickshaw driver, needed extra money to send her to Mumbai for which they had to put up a tea stall to make ends meet. Their performance was one of the most heart touching and emotional, which made the judges tear up. To lighten the mood, the YK group performed on a mythological act on Radha Krishna by playing the Gujarati Garba on stage, their performance made everyone want to dance along and the team ended up playing garba with them as well.

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Team Sairat visited the sets of Dance Maharashtra Dance to announce the beginning of "Sairatcha Navan Changbhal" on Zee Talkies where they will be unfolding their beautiful journey of making Sairat the biggest hit of the year in Marathi cinema. Sairatcha Navan Changbhal will air from 29th of April for 4 consecutive Sunday's at 12:00 PM on Zee Talkies.

Do join in the celebration, Watch 'Dance Maharashtra Dance' from every Wednesday to Friday at 9:30 pm only on Zee Yuva

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