Bigg Boss Marathi on Colors Marathi is getting interesting day by day. There are already 2 groups, one with only Pushkar as male member and other with more members. The last task was won by Rajesh's group even after Bigg Boss telling all the contestant not to use power to win the task. Today everyone is busy celebrating Aastad Kale's birthday, when they will get the shocking surprise.

There will be a new contestant entry today through a wild card. The show will become more interesting with this new Contestant. Who is this new contestant? and why everyone are happy to meet her.

There are currently two groups in the house - one of Sai, Megha, Usha, Rutuja and Pushkar and the other which has Resham, Rajesh, Sushant, Aastad, Bhushan, Jui, and Smita. It would be interesting to see, which group the new contestant prefers to join.

Watch Bigg Boss Marathi tonight to know the new contestant at 9:30 pm only on Colors Marathi.

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