Colors Marathi's Bigg Boss Marathi Season 1 is becoming very popular in a very short time due to the many twists and turns. The nomination process and eviction process happens every week to eliminate 1 contestant from the Bigg Boss House. In 3rd Week, Rajesh was voted out by the audience, but Bigg Boss has his own powers, by which he was sent to secret room. He though could not use this immunity and was eliminated by public votes in 5th Week.

At the start of this week, Rutuja Dharmadhikari too left Bigg Boss House due to medical reasons. As their is already one unforced elimination of Rutuja in 6th Week, Bigg Boss has decided that "There will be no Eviction This week". So the voting lines are closed for this week.

The Process of nominations is through as usual and Aastad, Sai, Ushaji, Sushant and Megha are nominated by the other contestants in 'Gram Sabha' task. All the contestants do not know that Bigg Boss has closed the voting lines for this week, So there will not be any eviction in week 6.

Still their is question for our readers, If you want to save one contestant, who will that be??

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