After weeks of entertaining the audiences, Dance Maharashtra Dance Season 6 drew to a close this weekend, announcing the Om Dance Group as this season’s winner. Pune’s dance prodigy, who have grown up in a small town, the Om Dance group won the Dance Maharashtra Dance trophy along with a cash prize of Rs 3 Lac.

The show that was judged by Aditya Sarpotdar, Phulwa Khamkar and Siddharth Jadhav, enjoyed three months of constant love by its viewers and an unforgettable journey for the contestants as well. Dance Maharashtra Dance gave a platform to all the aspiring dancers of Maharashtra to put their best foot forward and win this title. All along the show, Om Dance group has been seen only making improvements by sinking in the judges feedback and have no wonder made it to the top. Their performance has consistently improved and are one of the most well deserved contestant of this season.

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Speaking about their victory, the elated 'Om Dance Group' said in a statement, "It still feels unbelievable to hold this trophy in our hands. We still remember the day we had started and honestly never thought we would come this far in the competition, but destiny had a different plan. When we were about to go on the stage to perform the last time we had decided to give in our best shot and make no errors at all, which was one of the reasons we could make it. All through the competition we've seen ourselves grow and learn new dance forms. Our efforts have finally paid off and it feels on top of the world. This feels like a dream come true and a big thank you to our families, the viewers and outstanding judges on the show, this wouldn't have been possible without your support"

Wishing the Om Dance Group reaches higher heights and always climb the ladder of success

Dance Maharashtra Dance Winners Om Dance Academy 03

Dance Maharashtra Dance Winners Om Dance Academy 02

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