The first season of Zee Yuva's Sangeet Samrat received immense popularity and love from the viewers and now it is all set to make a comeback with season 2. The show has undergone a revamp and will appear in a completely new avatar. The show will welcome talents from all over Maharashtra to come and display their musical skills on stage. One of the major changes in this year's show format is the introduction of Captains. The captains will be none other than the mentors of the contestants who will help them groom all through the competition. One such mentor on the show will be the most famous singer, Rahul Saxena. Rahul was one of the finalists of a Marathi singing reality show and received immense love and support from the judges and the audiences. Having performed in International markets as well, Rahul is one of the most suitable person to guide and mentor the contestants.

Rahul made his presence in the Hindi cinema by singing the title track of the Shah Rukh Khan starrer 'Om Shanti Om'. His voice touched new heights when he got the opportunity to sing in an International show named 'Bharati'. Rahul went on to impress the audience with his voice when he arranged an album for Wadali Brothers named Yaad Piya Ki. In the Marathi industry Rahul sung in playback for the film 'Hapus' and 'Zenda'. Rahul's voice touched hearts overseas as he started spreading his music in countries outside India. Mesmerized by his singing, he was also invited in events in India to come and sing for the audience. Apart from having a beautiful voice, Rahul also loves to train people who are interested in the Music industry.

What a treat is to have such talents be a part of Sangeet Samrat season 2. This season promises the viewers a bag full of surprises.

Watch 'Sangeet Samrat Season 2' starting on 13th June at 9:30 PM on Zee Yuva!

Rahul Saxena Sangeet Samrat Season 2 Captain 01

Rahul Saxena Sangeet Samrat Season 2 Captain 02

Rahul Saxena Sangeet Samrat Season 2 Captain 03

Rahul Saxena Sangeet Samrat Season 2 Captain 04

Rahul Saxena Sangeet Samrat Season 2 Captain 05

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