Katti Batti, Zee Yuva's latest offering has received immense love and support from the viewers. Based on a twisted love story, the show rotates around the need of a small town girl to maintain a balance between studies and her marriage In the story, Pushkar Sarad plays the role of Parag who hails from a middle-class service oriented family and Ashwini Kasar portrays the role of Purva who belongs to a family who run their own business, Abhidyna Bhave plays the role of Anushka who is Parag's friend. Lately, Parag has started to fall in love with Anushka and the story is about to witness a plot twist.

For the longest time, Abhidnya Bhave was seen on the small screen in a negative role in serial Khulata Kali Khulena, which went on to giving people that image of hers to be true for real. While Abhidnya did a phenomenal job in her negative role, she wanted to appear in a positive role on the small screen since a long time. Playing a negative role has helped improved her acting skills and she is grateful for the same. To transit from a vamp to a bubbly character can be challenging but Abhidnya came over it all by her power pack performance in Katti Batti. Building an identity in the negative role, it has been difficult for Abhidnya to change her image in the eyes of the viewers.

Abhidnya Bhave Katti Batti 02

Talking about her transition, Abhidnya Bhave mentioned, "It has been a challenging journey all through. For over a year and a half I acted in a negative role and to come out of the loop and act positive on screen was not at all easy. My viewers wanted to see me in a positive role for the longest time which is why I chose to change my on screen image. Playing negative has a lot of layers and shades however a positive role requires constant energy and brightness which is why it was difficult for me to transform. Anushka was a much needed role and I'm glad the viewers have showered love on my character"

By slaying in both the roles on the small screen we can say Abhidnya Bhave is an actress par excellence

Abhidnya Bhave Katti Batti 01

Abhidnya Bhave Katti Batti 03

Abhidnya Bhave Katti Batti 04

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