On Colors Marathi's Bigg Boss Marathi people are always glued to know who is getting nominated? who is getting evicted? what are the weekly tasks? and who will become the captain? Yesterday on Day 65, Bigg Boss gave the contestants a weekly task 'The Great Dictator' giving Nandkishor Chughule dictatorship. He was allowed to make his own rules and harass his people by telling them weird tasks.

He made Aastad his personal guard. At first Kishor made other inmates to chant his great name, then he made them walk and jump. He also asked all members to dance before him in the garden area. But the real game started when he went into his personal chamber. He was given a list of tasks by Bigg Boss to be carried out by inmates. If he succeeds in these tasks, he will get the immunity from nomination in next week.

Then Kishor started giving these tasks to housemates. He asked all housemates to wash his feet, when he goes inside his personal chamber. He asked Pushkar to polish his shoes. He asked Megha to wash all the dirty cloths in the house and dry them on herself posing as a drying rack. He asked Smita to be his personal maid. He asked Sharmishtha to be his massager and asked Sai to entertain him by dancing.

Day 65 Bigg Boss Marathi 02

Doing all these tasks seemed okay for the housemates, but Nandkishor looked arrogant in all these tasks shouting and enjoying all his new found powers. He seemed shameless and did not had any remorse for anyone. Audience immediately started reacting on this task and Kishor's behavior on social media. 

Bigg Boss Marathi's host Mahesh Manjrekar too felt bad about the whole task and Nandkishor's behaviour. He tweeted 'I am ashamed today!😡😡😡😡😡😡" clearly showing his unhappiness about Nandkishor.

The task will continue today too and it will be interesting to see if any of the inmates start rejecting his commands and start a revolt against him. There will be a revolution to take him down from his dictatorship for sure, but Who will lead this revolution? Will the girl gang of Megha, Sai and Sharmishtha again take on Nandkishor? or Usha takes out the sword against the dictator? Watch all the drama today on Bigg Boss Marathi at 9:30 pm on Colors Marathi.

Day 65 Bigg Boss Marathi 03

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