Colors Marathi's Bigg Boss Marathi is in news now due to the task "The Great Dictator" handed over to Nandkishor. Audience is reacting heavily on Nandkishor's revenge attitude and his wrong behavior to the women contestants. His harsh punishment to Pushkar too is getting criticized, until Bigg Boss himself told him that he cannot give punishment endlessly. Show's host Mahesh Manjrekar had reacted that he is ashamed and now ex-contestant Rutuja Dharmadhikari too tweeted her displeasure about Nandkishor.

Rutuja had fractured her hand during one of the tasks and had to leave the show abruptly during the 6th week. She is recovering and had removed the plaster from her hand. She condemned the attitude of Nandkishor who is posing as dictator in the current task. She reacted on twitter with a tweet. "I wish if I would have been there in big boss Marathi at this moment.. would have taught nandkishor how to respect women..where the hell these ppl have lost their sensibilities."

It is shown in the last episode that now Bigg Boss has given the contestants a chance to revolt against the dictator's rule. Megha was called in the confession room and given 4 objectives and material required to overthrow the dictatorship of Nandkishor. 

1) Blacken minimum 5 posters of Dictator
2) Destroy the Mannequin of Dictator
3) Pour water on dictator's head
4) Blast the Smoke bomb in Dictator's personal chamber

It will be interesting to see how all the other contestants group together to overthrow the dictator. How they will perform each task? will they be punished for their revolt? will they succeed and bring freedom? Watch all the drama on Bigg Boss Marathi tonight at 9:30 pm only on Colors Marathi.

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