Zee Yuva's Sangeet Samrat Season 2 is finally on air and is already received immense support by the viewers. The show has undergone a revamp and has adapted a completely new avatar. The show has welcomed talents from all over Maharashtra to come and display their musical skills on stage. One of the major changes in this year's show format is the introduction of Captains. The captains, Savaniee, Juilee, Abhijeet and Rahul will mentor the contestants who will help them groom all through the competition. Unveiling the third episodes, the audition process is finally closed. The judges have selected 50 contestants for the captains.

The competition beings here as the judges have come down to 50 contestants from which the mentor's will make a choice for themselves. This week will be a team selection round. The contestants will be seen giving their best on stage as they impress the captains to select them in their teams. The best from the lot have impressed all the 4 captains wherein all of them pressed the buzzer for the contestants. The toughness of the competition is already being felt as a few contestants like Hargun and Jidnesh have impressed the entire jury. The captains are seen competing neck to neck with each other as they need to get the best of contestants under their team. Since its Panchamda’s Birthday on the 27th of June, a lot of the contestants have paid a tribute to him by performing on best of his songs.

To witness some tough competition, Don't forget to watch 'Sangeet Samrat Season 2' at 9:30 PM from Wednesday to Friday only on Zee Yuva!

Sangeet Samrat Season 2 Tough Competition Starts 02

Sangeet Samrat Season 2 Tough Competition Starts 03

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