Zee Yuva's Sangeet Samrat Season 2 is finally on air and is already received immense support by the viewers. With the introduction of 4 teams Nadmadhur Sahyadri, Swarmay Kokan, Sursaj Vidarbh and Laydar Marathwada in the latest season, the captains Savaniee, Juilee, Abhijeet and Rahul will mentor the contestants from their respective teams and help them groom all through the competition.

Season 2 has come up with an extraordinary talent across Maharashtra. In this season we can see a known face of talented singer Antara Nandy. She hails from Assam. She became famous after her video of Clap songs got viral on social media. Antara with her sister Ankita made a video where she sang a song with no instruments but claps. According to her anything can create music.

Antara Nandy Sangeet Samrat Season 2 02

Antara has a musical background and is a trained singer. She has won many awards for her outstanding performances. She was one of the top three girl finalists of a popular singing reality show when she was 10. Her talent got acknowledged by the renowned singer and composer Shankar Mahadevan. Viewers too are going gaga over her performance in Sangeet Samrat season 2. It’s an honour for Zee Yuva to present such talent which is the future of music industry. The captains will fight neck to neck to get this talented girl in their respective teams. This season of Sangeet Samrat will sure have more in store for the viewers.

To witness a phenomenal performance by Antara, don’t forget to watch Sangeet Samrat season 2 from Wednesday to Friday at 9.30 PM only on Zee Yuva!!

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