Marathi horror suspense serial Ratris Khel Chale is on its peak now. The strange happening in Naik Household were not getting concluded into anything strong. But in the Episode of last Saturday, Nilima records all the voices around the house and when the recordings are played, they hear a strange voice.

In last week’s episodes, Datta hears a voice in the farm road saying “Yeu Ka” (Can I come). He never responds or looks back and comes home. He also warns all the family members not to respond to such voice as it is the voice of Gupt Dhan (hidden treasure). If we respond to such voice it will destroy the whole family.

To prove Datta wrong about this legend of Gupt Dhan, Nilima decides to record voice around the house with the help of her son, Archi. While recording the voice, both hear the voice Yeu Ka, when they look up in the tree, they see a bird. Both come back home and play the recordings in front of all family members including Sushma.

A voice recorded is of a women, who claim she is around them all the time. She wants justice for her child Sushma and her jewellery should be returned to her daughter. This concludes that the voice is of the lady who committed suicide, Shevanta. Pandu claims that he always talks to the lady and Anna as well.

In this week’s episode the suspense will get more intense as Pandu is lost and viewers need to know if Pandu is killed. Do watch the Suspense Horror Serial Ratris Khel Chale only on Zee Marathi every Mon-Sat at 10:30 pm.

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