The most loved and watched Marathi TV serial Tujhyat Jiv Rangala celebrated the wedding of Rana and Anjali 3 weeks back. But immediately after the marriage Rana and Anjali have to start their married life in a small farm house. It was all beacuse of Vahinisaheb and her conspiracy, that Rana has to choose the option to stay away from their big house.

Love is unpredictable and you have to go with the flow in love without thinking too much about what will happen next. Zee Yuva serial Prem He’s 5th story Gudi Premachi is about two paying guests (PGs) Amruta and Swapnil who are staying in same flat. Though they don't want to stay together, circumstances force them to live together. ‘Gudi Premachi’ love story features Lalit Prabhakar and Bhagyashree Mote.

2 MAD is getting more and more interesting with last 10 dancers remained in the competition. It is getting ready for the special dance performances to celebrate Marathi New Year 'Gudi Padwa'. Sai Tamhankar will be the special guest for the special episodes. She was overwhelmed by the dancers' madness, energy and overall performances.

Every year the most awaited awards show in Marathi film industry is Zee Chitra Gaurav Awards. The awards show is always unique, filled with memorable dance performances, comedy skits and off course the Awards presentations. This year the Show is hosted by Sumeet Raghvan and Priyadarshan Jadhav.

In the upcoming episodes of Marathi serial 'Nakushi', the audience will get to see some lighter moments between the serial's lead character Nakushi (Prasiddhi Ayalwar) and her husband Ranjit Shinde (Upendra Limaye) as they head on to picturesque hill station in Manali.