At the start of July month the storm named GST swipped the whole nation and gave a lot of tension and headache to all Indians. Some people welcomed the change, whereas some are still figuring out what GST is. Colors Marathi also presents a GST at the end of July Month. This GST is Gayab Sagala Tension, a new comedy show which will take away all your tension and give you everlasting smile.

Colors Marathi Serial Saraswati started 2 years back and recently completed 500 Episodes. The love story between Saraswati and Raghav has its ups and downs. The team of Saraswati Astad Kale, Titeeksha Tawde, Sulekha Talwalkar along with producers Manava Naik, Sushant Tungare, director Mangesh Kanthale celebrated the 500th episode. A new character of Devika played by Jui Gadkari is introduced now. Will she be able to bring Saraswati and Raghav together. Watch Saraswati every Monday to Saturday at 7:00 pm on Colors Marathi.

Watch the grand finale of Dholkichya Talavar - Chhotyanchi Adakari Lai Bhari on Sunday, 30th July at 6:30 pm on Colors Marathi. The 3 month long reality show was won by Mumbai's Minakshi & Palak jodi. They won a golden trophy each and a cash prize worth 3 Lakh rupees. The grand finale will showcase many mesmerizing performances from the contestants as well as last seasons judges Manasi Naik and Deepali Sayed.

Chahool is filled with new twists and horror every week. The serial will now comes to a point where Shambhavi will start missing Sarjerao and will feel love for him. Whereas Nirmala is not going to leave Sarja and she has found a way to come to a new house he has moved. Watch the ever twisting and turning serial Chahool every Monday-Saturday at 10:30 pm on Colors Marathi.

In a very short time Anandi (Maithili Patwardhan) of Colors Marathi serial 'Balpan Dega Deva' has won everyone's hearts on the sets. She is studing in 4th standard and ensures that she study as well as have fun on the sets. Watch Anandi and her bong with her grand father in 'Balpan Dega Deva' at 9 pm on Colors Marathi.

Saraswati and Raghav are having many misunderstandings since the Dubai trip and due to these misunderstandings, she has to leave Raghav for some time. But Saraswati will return to wada and the story will have new twists. Watch Sarswati from Monday to Saturday at 7 pm onlu on Colors Marathi.