Colors Marathi's serial Tu Majha Sangati portrays Sant Tukaram's devotion to lord Vitthala. In last season, the serial showcased the life of Vithhal and Rakhumai. Viewers even liked actor Bharat Jadhav as lord Vitthala and actress Smita Shewale as Rakhumai. Now the serial will start a new season with Tukaram telling the life-story of Sant Namdeo with Sant Dnyaneshwar.

Maharashtra has huge cultural heritage of Loksangeet. Kirtan, Bhajan, Powada, Tamasha, Batawani, Bharud, Gavlan are various forms of Loksangeet and Lokgeet. Some of these forms of songs are going to be perfromed on the musical platform of Sur Nava Dhyas Nava, this week. Themed as 'Maharashtra Desha' the special episodes will have Badshah of Loksangeet Anand Shinde as special guest.

Versatile Singer Madhurra Kumbhar after presenting 2 very special genre songs, is ready to sing the Gavalan in Colors Marathi's Musical Reality show Sur Nava Dhyas Nava. The Show is going to present Loksangeet Songs with all 15 contestants this week. Madhurra sang 2 different genre songs in the first 2 weeks, Sairat's Attacha Baya Ka Bavarala and western Ha Jeev Tola Tola and now ready for the Loksangeet Gavalan. Do watch her versatile singing in Sur Nava Dhyas Nava Today, on 27th November 2017 at 9:30 pm on Colors Marathi.

New serial on Colors Marathi Radha PRem Rangi Rangli is strating from 24th November and generated huge curiosity about the new pairing of Veena Jagtap & Sachit Patil. The recently released title song of the serial also receiving overwhelming response from viewers on social media. The title song has received over 6 lac views on social media making it a biggest hit.

It is rightly said, opposites do attract! When two people have affection towards each other, differences are too menial a thing to keep them away from loving each other. Every individual in a couple likes to do things a certain way, which the other has to agree, but the differences only bring two lovers together. Colors Marathi's new serial Radha Prem Rangi Rangli is all about Radha and Prem, who belong to 2 different school of thoughts. However, both love their siblings immensely and will go any extent for their happiness.