Colors Marathi's horror serial Chahool is full of twists and turns. Sarja and Shambhavi are married now and think that Nirmala's ghost of gone. But in reality the ghost resides in Shambhavi's body. The real Shambhavi has got a new face and she herself does not know about it. There are lots of twists and turns in upcoming episodes and termed as Chahool 2. Do watch the news episodes of Chahool at 10:30 pm every Monday to Saturday on Colors Marathi.

If you are a foodie, you better know how to make food and serve to others. Actor Prashant Damle is always famous for being a great foodie and has a good taste bud too. Prashant Damle presents a new cookery show on Colors Marathi titled 'Aaj Kay Special'. The show will start telecast from 25th August on the occassion of Ganesh Chaturthi at 1:30 pm. So watch Prashant Damle bring us new food dishes on 'Aaj Kay Special' every Monday to Friday at 1:30 pm only on Colors Marathi.

Devika got married to Raghav few days back. Her new look after marriage is here to be seen by the audience. She looks beautiful in red saree, Mangalsutra and jewellery. She still do not know that Saraswati is the first wife of Raghav. What happens next is interesting to watch. So switch your TV to Colors Marathi at 7 pm every Monday to Saturday and watch Jui Gadkari in Saraswati.

Actress Mrunal Dusanis had been essaying the character of Jui in Assa Sasar Surekh Bai for more than 2 years Now. Mrunal got married on 25th February 2016 to US-based Software Engineer Neeraj More. Now she has decided to move to US to make her Sasar Surekh. So Mrunal will be replaced by a new actress as Jui.

A conservative Jewellers family of Ghadage with male dominated businees is the core of the new serial on Colors Marathi. A head strong girl from a simple family, who marries in this family has to adjust with all the family members and their expectations. Will she be able to win all family members hearts' as well change the family business for the good. The new serial Ghadage and Sunn showcases the woman's powers to adjust in the home of her husband as well change the perspective of a male dominated business.

Sairat Fame Salya and Balya will make a special entry in Dahihandi Special Episodes of Comedychi GST Express on Colors Marathi. The laughter show is being hosted by Priyadarshan Jadhav and Sandeep Pathak and Arbaz Shaikh and Tanaji Galgunde will be assisting them to anchor the show as Krishna and Pendya. Do watch the laughter dahihandi special episodes of Comedychi GST Express on 14th and 15th August 2017 at 9 pm on Colors Marathi.