It is rightly said, opposites do attract! When two people have affection towards each other, differences are too menial a thing to keep them away from loving each other. Every individual in a couple likes to do things a certain way, which the other has to agree, but the differences only bring two lovers together. Colors Marathi's new serial Radha Prem Rangi Rangli is all about Radha and Prem, who belong to 2 different school of thoughts. However, both love their siblings immensely and will go any extent for their happiness.

Television villains are always portrayed as fat or well built or with moustache & beard. But Star Pravah's serial Duheri is an exception for this stereotype image of a villain. Balwant Ballal of Duheri is the most stylish villain on Marathi Television. Actor Aashok Shinde portrays the character of Balwant Ballal, which is getting viewers recongnition.

Saraswati's look-a-like Durga's entry has created lots of twist and turns in Colors Marathi's serial Saraswati. Vidyual and Bhujang unknowingly has dragged Durga in their plans. Since Bhairavkar Wada is on Saraswati's name, it cannot be transfered to Vidyual without Durga's signature. Durga does not know about Vidyual's intentions, but still does not fell pray to Vidyual. To make the environment a little bit light, Durga is going to perform as magician on 19th November. So Do not miss these special episodes between 19th an 25th November.

Colors Marathi has created a platform to promote Marathi films, Plays and Serials on their new comedy Show. Directors, producers and actors will visit this platform to promote their films, plays or serials with lots of fun and laugh. A new comedy show 'Tumchysathi Kay Paan' is starting from 16th November on Colors Marathi.

Colors Marathi's serial Ghadge & Suun is being liked by audience due to the complexities of the relationships. The trinagle of Amruta-Akshay-Kiyara and the family members is getting loved by the viewers. Kiyara and Akshay are now meeting each other and Amruta is helping Akshay find his love. She is also hidding this truth from the family members. This bond of friendship between Akshay and Amruta is the highlight of the serial, so the channel have decided to telecast 1 hour special episodes. So from 13th to 23th November, Watch these special episodes at 8:30 pm on Colors Marathi.

Star Pravah's latest mythological serial 'Vithu Mauli' is garnering accolates for the look, high production values and overall presentation of the serial. Also it is getting liked all over Maharashtra due to the lead actor's performance as Vithu Mauli. It is learnt that the lead actor's selection was a tough task.