Sanjay Jadhav, a critically acclaimed Marathi film Director, Producer and an award-winning Cinematographer, who has been substantially contributing to the Marathi film industry in every aspect to make it more glamorous and enormous. With an experience of more than 25 Years in the industry, he brings the correct combination of vision and talent.

Television has become the perfect medium to promote Movies. It is not new, that over the years Bollywood stars are seen promoting their films on various popular Hindi TV serials. It looks like Marathi Entertainment Industry is slowly turning to be a major attraction for number of Bollywood stars. And now giving a break to this routine, Bollywood stars are now stepping in the Marathi TV shows to promote their film.

‘Ture Love Always Comes Back’ and that what’s happening in Timepass 2. The love which could not be completed in Timepass (2014) will be complete in Timepass 2 (2015).