Madhusudan Kalelkar was a well known writer in Marathi film and drama industry. Many of his plays were very well appreciated by Marathi audience. 'Apradh Meech Kela' was also one of the plays written by him, which was first staged in 1964 on Marathi Theatre. Now, Kiwi Productions are reviving this play after 52 years.

Recently, muhurat of 'Apradh Meech Kela’ play was performed in presence of artistes and producers of this play, Kishore Sawant and Vivek Naik. This time, in place of Atmaram Bhende, the play will be directed by Vijay Gokhale. The famous character of Commander Ashok Varty, which was earlier played by Arun Sarnaik, will now be played by popular actor Ramesh Bhatkar. The other important artistes in this play are Nisha Parulekar, Vijay Gokhale, Vighnesh Joshi, Sanjay Kshemkalyani, Kishore Sawant, Sonali Bangera, Vilas Gurjar, Yash Joshi and Shirsekar.

The play will be staged with inaugural show at the beginning of new year 2017.

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