P. L. Deshpande's Vyakti Ani Valli is the collection of very unique imaginary characters. The play has staged more than 150 successful shows in the last 3 years. The play was produced by Amruta Productions and presented by Gandhar Kalasanstha & Konkan Kala Akadami. 'Vyati Ani Valli' will be now staged by children with portrayal of characters Antu Barwa, Bhau, Sakharam Gatane, Natha Kamat, Narayan etc. The play directed by Mandar Tillu will be Diwali gift for viewers.

The play will have many of the child artists, who had already successful with various films, plays and TV serials. Kaivalya Shirish Latkar, Atharva Bedekar, Swanand Shelake, Vedant Aapte, Advait Tillu, Swara Joshi, Yash Vighnesh Joshi, Sumedh Ramesh Vani are the child artists performing in Vyakti Ani Valli.

The play is produced by Viju Mane and Ashok Narkar. The opening show will be staged on 24th October at Gadkari Rangayatan, Thane.

Vyakti Ani Valli News

(L-R) Director Mandar Tillu, Producers Balkrishna Odekar, Viju Mane and Ashok Narkar

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