There is debate on the existence of Luck / Fortune / Kishmat / नशीब. Many people have different opinions about luck and due to these difference of opinions arises quarrels and misunderstandings. Many interesting and fun facts come out of these misunderstandings and that is what is showcased in an upcoming Marathi play Andaz Aapla Aapla. The play is produced by Ved Productions in association with Kiwi Productions.

The characters in 'Andaz Aapla Aapla' have their own opinions and belief. They very much stick to their own belief, but more strongly oppose others opinions about the same subject. But since they love each other, they cannot avoid these situations of debate and out of it arises the comedy and fun for the viewers. But most of the time these characters' feeling, thoughts, opinions or belief are nothing but their guesses and everyone try to prove how their guess is right and others are wrong. Out of these arises situational comedy, which is presented in Andaz Aapla Aapla.

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The play is written by Rajesh Kolambkar and directed by Santosh Pawar. Santosh has also acted in this play along with experienced actress Madhavi Gogate. Madhura Deshpande, who is famous for her role in serial Kanyadaan will also be seen along with handsome actor Akshay Kelkar, who is making his debut on Marathi stage. The play has a perfect mix of experienced and new actors.

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The play is designed to entertain the audience and that's why it has funny songs, Ghazal and also a romantic song. Set design is by Pradeep Mulye, Music is composed by Sai-Piyush and costumes are by Anjali Khobarekar. Choreography is by Mayur Vaidya.

'Andaz Aapla Aapla' will start with a opening show on 3rd Novemeber at Gadkari Rangayatan in Thane and will start its Mahrashtra tour soon.

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