There is equal importance to Chhatrapti Shivaji Maharaj and Shrimant Peshwa Bajirao Ballal in Maratha histroy as one founded the Maratha empire, whereas another extended that to its glorious days. Peshwa Bajirao means Ajinkya Yoddha kept Nizam, Haider, Moghal and Siddi in check with increasing the boundaries of Marathas. He was the only Maratha ruler, who dared to challenge the throne of Delhi. Soon a grand play titled 'Ajinkya Yoddha' based on the great warrior, who never lost a battle, will be staged.

The play's (Ajinkya Yoddha Shrimant Peshwe Bajirao Ballal) production is in final stages, which is conceived by Sanjay Pande and produced by Punjab Talkies. The play is directed by Varuna Madanlal Rana, is based on the novel by Pratap Gangavane titled 'Shrimant Peshwe Bajirao Ballal'. The play will showcase the life and history of Bajirao Peshwa. He lived a very short but grand life of 40 years. Bajirao was well versed with Armery, Battle plans, Politics and administration. Through this play his life will be known to the younger generation.

Abhay Sodye is handling the responsibility of Assistant director and executive producer. The grand play's songs are sung by Adarsh Shinde, Nandesh Umap and Vaishali Made. Adarsh Shinde had sung a title track. Music is composed by Aadi Ramchandra, Vinit Deshpnade. Costumes is by Paurnima Oak. Narration is by Yogesh More, Kunal Mulaye, Rupesh Parab. Umesh Tawade has also contributed.

The grand play 'Ajinkya Yoddha Shirmant Peshwe Bajirao Ballal' is ready to be staged soon.

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